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What will be done to manage risks from restarting business after lock-down?

The bakery has undergone a deep clean and thorough sterilisation. With extra attention to all touch surfaces, equipment and floors.

We have also re-organised our rosters and floor plan to allow for safe physical distancing. 

This was organised and carried out by Management and staff.

How will you ensure all your workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to COVID-19?

We have a daily register that each staff member will sign, checking and re-checking the signs and cautions of COVID-19.

This will be reviewed against the daily government advice where we will strive to adhere to any recommendations that are relevant to us. 

PPE will also be worn by all staff, as well as creating enough space for our staff to practice safe physical distancing while working.

This will be managed by management.

How will you gather information on the wellness of your staff to ensure that they are safe to work?

A daily register is to be signed by all staff when they start and finish each shift, with a self checklist of health. Stipulating the warning signs and symptoms of COVID-19. 

Should any staff member become unwell at any stage they are to notify Management immediately.

This will be managed by all staff and Management.

How will you manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19?

We will cease work immediately sending all working staff home, and notify all other members of our business.

Putting those at risk back in to quarantine and then follow all advice given to us by the government and health professionals.

The entire bakery will again go into a deep clean and sanitation phase, this will be maintained until it is again safe to open.

This will be monitored by Management.

How will you evaluate wether your work processes or risk controls are effective?

We will keep in regular contact with our staff ensuring they are informed and up to date. We also encourage any feedback from staff members, should they feel there are better and more efficient ways we can all work safely during this time.

This will be monitored by Management.

How do these changes impact on the risks of the work that you do?

Prior to COVID-19 with the exception of the shop operation social distancing was a part of our daily system. With large workspaces required by each baker to produce our products.

However with the focus being more concentrated we are more willingly available to staff, as well as being in regular communication to make sure that not only the new changes are manageable, but that our staff's personal stress is at a minimum. 

This will be managed by all staff and Management.

How will you operate your business in a way that keeps workers and others safe from exposure to COVID-19?

Our entire operations has been optimised to adhere to safe physical distancing during each shift, as well as offering contactless pick-up and wholesale delivery. 

PPE will be worn by all staff and sanitisation of all equipment and surfaces will be carried out regularly throughout each shift.

Staff will also carry their own job required equipment during their shift to ensure no cross contamination.

This will be managed by all staff and Management.

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